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All children need a morning snack and a lunch daily. If your child stays passed the 2:45pm pick up time, you’ll need to provide an afternoon snack as well. Lunch and snacks are provided by parents. Parents must comply with the states guidelines for meals. Snacks must have 2 components. Only 100% fruit juice or milk can be served at lunch. Please provide a fresh water bottle DAILY with your child’s first and last name on it. No Microwavable foods are allowed.

This is a great site for parents of preschoolers, lots of information on nutrition and exercise! check it out! Click here to open the site

We have a No Nut Policy. If you have questions in regards to this, please ask a staff person.

A Few Snack Ideas (combine them to make 2 components):

1/2 cup of Cereal (Chex, Kix or Cheerios) 1/2 cup goldfish
1/2 oz. String cheese 1 gogurt, or yogurt
1 1/2 granola bar 1/2 cup apple slices
1/2 cup applesauce 1/2 cup grapes
1/2 cup pretzels 1 banana
4 crackers & wrapped cheese slice 2 vanilla wafers
1 rice cake 1/2 oz cream cheese